Monday September 7th, 2015

Aching heart


The conflict between the Western world order and radical practice of Islam is one of our contemporary major conflicts. It manifests itself in violent conflicts around the world, for example in Iraq, Somalia and London. One of those most noted phenomena is the radical practicing Muslims’ search for martyrdom.

Martyrdom is a foreign concept in the secular welfare states of northern Europe. Here instead the focus is on living a life on earth. For the average citizen’s the search for martyrdom is exotic, incomprehensible and frightening.

But in a large subculture – the Nordic Radical Islamic practitioner – is the search for martyrdom normal and acclaimed. Many young Scandinavians have died, have been trying to die and dream of dying. What is the explanation for that? Is that the same as in Baghdad? Or London? Or is it completely different?

In the film, Aching Heart the director Oscar Hedin takes us into the world of jihad and martyrdom operations, a reality behind the headlines on Al Qaeda midst. He meets those who dream of martyrdom and those who preach it. He finds those who made the choice: those who tried to do a suicide operation, and those who died as they sought martyrdom.

Aching heart – Folkets Bio, SVT, NRK, DR 2007

Producers: Andreas Rocksén, Oscar Hedin

Director: Oscar Hedin

Nominations: Guldbaggen 2008, Prix Europa Iris 2008

Official selection: London International Film Festival 2008, Baltic Sea Forum 2009, Docudays, Beirut 2009, Golden Chest International TV festival – Sofia 2009

Scenes from the film