Monday November 10th, 2014

American chemical giant charts Laika



For a month ago I did a job for TV4 news about the American chemical giant 3M who has sold a lot of the poisonous fire foam that has leaked out to the Swedish drinking water.

I had some contacts with the company that ensured me that their product had not caused any damage. And if they had cased damage it sure wasn’t cancer. And if it was cancer it wasn’t their fault but the Swedish Defence and so on…

The point with my little reportage was to show that 3M knew that PFOS was deadly poisonous because they had made research about in as early as the late seventies. But they waited until 20 years later to tell that little discovery to the American authorities.

3M got pissed off.

Meet Travis:

He is a PR guru at the law firm Bickel & Brewer based in Dallas. Their job is to protect big companies from attacks of any kind. They represent 3M.

I heartily recommend a visit to their webpage.

It’s like in the Dallas and the Dynasty. The best part is when the partner James A Renard says with abysmal voice says “If I were on the other side I would be scared to death of us”.

In connection with the publication of my reportage 3M visited my page on Linked In. Okay. Just one check.

But they are resentful. Now Travis has popped up. He looks like a guy that knows how to google. Three days ago he paid my Linked In a visit. I don’t look nearly as neat as he does. I have a pink cap and sunglasses on my profile picture. Have to change to something more “molely”.

I imagine that they have created a file in my name and now planning for an attack.

I will gladly accept any tips on possible counter-moves. The only thing I could think of is to contact one of those Australian lunatics who capture crocodiles in their garden.