Thursday March 29th, 2012

Pediatrician supports demands of investigation


Laika’s reportage about the case Linnea in Kalla Fakta has attracted the attention of many. In the reportage the parents demand the hospital to be investigated to shed light to the question of how the hypnotics thiopental could end up in Linnea’s body.

Now, the parents get support from the doctor who was prosecuted for having carried out a mercy killing of the brain-damaged girl in September 2008.

– We welcome such an investigation. It is something we requested from the very beginning. The hospital has not handled this well, in this case. It has affected both the parents and my client, says the pediatrician’s lawyer Björn Hurtig to TV4.

During the trial in the fall of 2011, it got known that Linnea received thiopental at, at least three occasions during her last days in the hospital, but none of these occasions are noted in the journals, and no doctor has come forward to confirm that they have given thiopental.

The parents Vanya and Tommy has therefore turned to the National Board for clarification on what actually happened.