Tuesday November 29th, 2016

Democracy road: Burma’s road to democracy – SVT Dokument Utifrån 4 Dec 10 pm


Norwegian documentary from 2016. After many years of military dictatorship Burma has completed their first free election. But how is it really with the democracy in the country?  When Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) tries to build an independent tv-station, the difficulty is greater than they first imagined.

On December 4 SVT is showing the film Democracy road by the Norwegian director Turid Rogues. The film is a co-production between the Norwegian production company Aldeles and Laika Film. After more than 20 years of exile in Norway Aye Chan Naing, editor-in-chief for the radio- and tv-station The Democratic Voice of Burma, and journalist Than Win Htut, decides to return to their homeland Myanmar to build a national independent tv-channel. But the homelands many years under military dictatorship has made it’s mark and the fight for freedom of speech turns out to be far from over and not without risks.