Monday September 7th, 2015

I will have an abortion


Nineteen-year-old Jenny sitting in the waiting room of an abortion clinic. She describes strong and conflicting feelings in connection with the decision. Feelings that she had not expected.

– I’ve thought before that would it happen, it is just time to have an abortion. But it was not quite so simple. Although there are not even any children yet, I love it more than anything and I will not even see him or her. That’s quite sick.

The scientist Annelie Kero explains that the strong feelings associated with the abortion is very common, but there are feelings that we do not talk about. There is a silence surrounding abortion experiences.

– A pregnancy interruption is perceived not as a trivial event, but it raises many depths and levels in women, and also men who are involved in the abortion process.

The program emerges women and men who want to break the silence and share their experiences. More than thirty thousand women have abortions each year and about half go through emotional reactions afterward. There is everything from lighter periods of depression to severe depression. But the question is politically sensitive and women’s reactions after the abortion has come to be used as a weapon in the debate between anti-abortion and abortion law defenders.

– Since the right to have an abortion is never clear, but is very questioned we are not dare to talk about it. That is hard with abortion, says Annelie Kero.

Producer / Director: Erik Sandberg

Reporter: Liv Weisberg