Friday November 6th, 2015

Limestone company appeals government’s decision

The limestone company Nordkalk appeals the government’s decision to protect Bungetäkten in Ojnareskogen in northern Gotland and make it into a so-called Natura-2000 site. The decision was taken by the government in late August.

Laika has previously, in 2011, examined the Finnish company Nordkalk after the company received permission to mine limestone in the area for a value of SEK 15 billion. In the Swedish program Kalla Fakta, Laika revealed that the Geological Survey of Sweden, the expert authority that played a crucial role in Nordkalk’s permission, been paid directly by Nordkalk to work with the companys application. Over one million Swedish crowns. Of this money has 168 000 SEK been charged for that particular officer who was responsible for the agency’s statement to the Environmental Court.

Laika could also reveal how the limestone industry through effective lobbying succeeded in getting the government to change a law that provides protection for especially endangered species. This change made it possible for Nordkalk to get permission to break the lime stone as it grows endangered species in that particular area. The law was removed a week before Nordkalk’s application would be brought up in the next level of the Environmental Court.
Watch Laikas reportage in Kalla Fakta