Saturday September 5th, 2015

Poisoned Waters


After Laikas “The toxic drinking water” in Kalla Fakta, the residents of Rönneby sues those who are responsible for the toxic emissions of the poison substance PFOS in the drinking water.

During Tuesday night PFAS association had managed to collect 66 households and 124 individuals who stands behind the association before the meeting with Carat Attorneys.
– It feels great. We will have greater impact and sustainability in economic terms. It still costs money to go to court, says Herman Afzelius founder of PFAS association.

It was in October 2014 after Laikas reportage in Kalla Fakta that PFAS association, consisting of a group people living in Rönneby contacted the law firm to initiate legal proceedings against those responsible. The requirement from the law firm to take the case was that at least 50 households would support the lawsuit.

In the past week, Herman Afzelius have received more calls from people who have shown interest to participate in the lawsuit. In the current situation, these are about ten households that are waiting for test results that will show if they have high levels of PFOS.
– I would not be surprised if we get over a hundred people, there are so incredibly many people that are affected, Herman Afzelius said.

The next step for the PFAS association together with the law firm is to decide during a month whom to direct the criticism against.
– There are several potential counterparties for example Försvarsmakten, American manufactures or the water supplier. It is important to select the right one – then it is only to make it happen, Herman Afzelius said.

“The toxic drinking water” in Kalla Fakta:

The toxic substance PFOS belongs to a group of perfluoriserade substances called PFAS, which was found in firefighting foam used in military F17’s fire practice in Kallinge. The fire foam has during over 30 years leaked into the drinking water which are suspected of increasing risk for diseases like cancer and liver diseases.

The toxic drinking water may have affected around 20 000 people, and worst affected are residents in Kallinge outside of Rönneby. Kalla Fakta have examined what scientists say is the most serious chemical accident in Sweden in modern times.

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