Monday May 4th, 2015

Politicians without a goal


Laika and Erik Sandberg’s movie “Politiker utan mål” (Politicians without a goal), which was shown on SVT dokument inifrån, has emerged on the svtplay’s top- ten-list of most shared program on social media.

The film is about the lack of vision of the future in today’s political discourse and how politicians would rather talk about the threats of the future instead of its opportunities. In this moment, the film has been shared 129 times on Twitter, including the tweet by the Swedish artist Robyn. It has also has been shared 2790 times on Facebook.

“Just saw this and cried. We can change our society if we want to.” Dokument inifrån: Politiker utan mål- Part 1 – Robyn

“A piece of unusually interesting public service.”

– Susanna Birgersson, DN

“In yesterday’s Dokument inifrån in SVT2 it discussed politics lack of ideological debate and positive aspirational future. The analysis made was both sharp and telling.” – Kjell Rautio, LO Blog

“Thursday evening’s Dokument inifrån (SVT) was a break in the common discussion. A healthy break.’’ – Anna Norling, Arbetarbladet

“SVT Dokument inifrån, Politiker utan mål in Thursday night was a fantastic timedocument of Swedish politics”. – Eva Bofride,

The film’s Facebook page