Wednesday November 13th, 2013

Prosecutor to investigate war crimes in Ogaden

The International Public Prosecutors Office has decided to start an investigation of suspected war crimes against a number of identified politicians and military personel in the Ethiopian region of Ogaden.

Pointed out are the regional president Abdi Muhamud Omar and the vice president Abdulahi Werer who was interrogator when two Swedish journalists were mock executed in August 2011.

– We’ve decided on a number of actions in this case, says chief prosecutor Krister Petersson.

Among the actions planned by the prosecutor are hearings and an investigation into the material handed over by Abdulahi Hussein, a former adviser to the state president Abdi Muhamud Omar and now a refugee in Sweden.

– I hope that the ones responsible for the terrible atrocities can be held accountable in the Hague and that the Swedish police and the Swedish government will support the process, says Abdulahi Hussein.

Whether or not this could be a case for the International Criminal Court in Hague will require further investigation.

– The prosecutor’s decision means a lot to me and I hope that it can lead to a relief for the people in Ogaden, says Abdulahi Hussein.

Andreas Rocksén