Monday September 7th, 2015

Spy School


Two weeks before the election its revealed that Folkpartiet committed the hacking of Socialdemokraterna.

The party secretary Johan Jakobsson resigned int the middle of the burning election campaign and now stands accused.

Something like this had never happened in Swedish politics. In dokument inifrån: In Spy School Erik Sandberg tells about the road that led to hacking. Espionage against Socialdemokraterna proves not to be a unique event. The documentary tells about former espionage against political opponents, but also against the party’s own members.


It tells of smear campaigns against political opponents in which political reporters used to serve the party’s interests in the battle for space in the media.

– It’s about always trying to be one step ahead in relation to the opponent, explainers political scientist Jesper Strömbäck, to have the initiative in the battle for the agenda and ultimately about the power of thought.

Producer / reporter Erik Sandberg

Producer: Erik Sandberg

Director: Erik Sandberg