Sunday September 29th, 2013

Big media interest for Boliden Lawsuit


A group of Swedish, Chilean and American lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Boliden for the toxic wastes that were dumped in northern Chile for about thirty years ago.

What made the process up and running was the Laika movie Blybarnen (Lars Edman and William Johansson) as shown on SVT in 2009 and then in a number of festivals around the world.

Two Swedish lawyers have signed the lawsuit together with Jonas Ebbesson, dean and professor of environmental law at Stockholm University. They represent 707 arsenic-poisoned individuals from the city of Arica in northern Chile. In the lawyers lawsuit they are claiming that Boliden knew that the Chilean subcontractor Promel not have skills or capacity to care for their toxic waste from Sweden, and secondly that they hide the dumping for the Västerbotten County Administrative Board and the Environmental Protection Agency.

When the lawsuit now is submitted, it has been widely reported in the press, including through a series of articles in the Daily News.

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