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Photographer: Kieran Kolle.

Democracy road: Burma’s road to democracy – SVT Dokument Utifrån 4 Dec 10 pm

Norwegian documentary from 2016. After many years of military dictatorship Burma has completed their first free election. But how is it really with the democracy in the country?  When Democratic […]

Photographer: Kieran Kolle.

World premiere for Democracy Road in Bergen

Turid Rogne’s documentary Democracy Road is chosen to compete at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) 20 to 28 September.   The film is a co-production between Norwegian Aldeles A / […]

Photographer: Kieran Kolle.

Burma – a new-born democracy. Laika co-produces Democracy Road.

Laika Film & Television enters as co-producer in a film about the Burmese transmission to democracy. The Norweigian filmmaker Turid Rogne has for more than ten years followed the exiled […]