Monday September 7th, 2015

The Challenger


Ten years ago it Reinfeldt was calculated. Himself he thought that too many conflicts would put a spanner in the wheels for a career in the party top.

His comeback surprises still in Moderaterna. Oscar Hedin’s documentary Challenger talk about how Moderaterna got to where they are today. Fredrik Reinfeldt has reviewed the Moderate Party’s policies and brought the party to quick success. But what kind of politician is he really?

The program is a fascinating story about a man who seized power in harsh personal battles – a man whose way through the party in many ways symbolizes Moderaternas party’s development over the past decade.

Fredrik Reinfeldt gives a unique openhearted interview about how he sees his many conflicts along the way to the party leadership.

– It is important to remember that the whole time I have had the perspective that I will not get very far in politics, he says,

So far, Moderaterna has rallied around its successful party leader. But now enters also the dissatisfaction in the party forward.


Producer / reporter: Oscar Hedin

Read more and see the program on the Dokument inifråns website.