Monday September 7th, 2015

The Fundamentalists


Miljöpartiet wants to enter the government and spokesperson Peter Eriksson wants to become finance minister. To succeed he must show Göran Persson, he can take responsibility and then Karin Jansson can become a problem. She sits in miljöpartiet board and leads a faction that wants to give money to everyone, even to those who can, but do not want to work.

– Imagine being able to say no to boring and gray job, to be able to say no to frying burgers at McDonalds. Who wants to give up the freedom? wondering newly elected party board member Merete Kapstad the miljöpartiets congress in 2005.

The idea is called “citizen salary” which means 8,000 per month, tax-free to all – for the rest of their life. The idea is controversial and the top of party  with Peter Eriksson and Maria Wetterstrand trying to get it out of the party program.

– Social Adaptation, critics say and vote down the proposal to remove the citizen’s salary from the party program.

– If you want to change something and not just talk visions you have to be willing to compromise, said Peter Eriksson and barks at his congress.

The journey from the radical alternative movement to power party has gone quickly for miljöpartiet. And for every step increases the tension between the realists and those who call themselves fundamentalists.

Producer / reporter: Oscar Hedin

Commissioning editor SVT: Johan Brånstad