Monday May 4th, 2015

Så jävla metal: The history of Swedish hard rock and heavy metal


Sweden is currently one of the largest producers of hard rock. Superstars like Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen have shown the way to the big stages and bands like Candlemass and Bathory has been iconic and established entirely new genres. But it has not always looked like – and the successes have not come without sacrifice.

Så jävla metal is the story of the personalities who made the Swedish hard rock and heavy metal scene into what it is today. It is a fascinating, touching and humorous story of how Sweden became a world nation in one of the strongest and most popular cultural phenomena ever.

Så jävla metal is a documentary full of anecdotes and, of course, a whole lot of metal!

The film is shown for the first time in Malmö Film Days 29 August to 1 September, where also the film’s director Yasin Hillborg and producer Andreas Rocksén will be in place.

Director Yasin Hillborg is a hard rock drummer and it has taken him five years to complete this extensive film project. In over 100 interviews he has succeed to make everyone participate, from the early 70th centurys November and Neon Rose via Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen to today metal giants Arch Enemy and In Flames. Frank and initiated, they tell the amazing story of the Swedish metal miracle.