Sunday September 6th, 2015

The uninsured



Sweden has a general workinjury insurance that we all pay into, but it has become increasingly rare that anyone gets any money from the insurance. In some professions, especially in health care, it is next to impossible. Ten years ago the government changed the rules so that more people could receive compensation for workinjury insurance. But instead it was the opposite.

Nurse Helena Haataja broke her back in an accident at work. She was forced to have the full weight of a paralyzed patient who fell down on her. The social insurance was not questioning Helena’s problems, or that her work was being reduced for a long time to come. They did not question the accident itself or her complaints arose precisely at the time of the accident. Yet they do not think that the predominant cause of the accident is the cause of Helena’s problems and have come to the conclusion that it is not a work injury.

– They turned it around many times, says Helena Haataja. They said that these heavy lifting was part of to the job. What to do? It is a small human against the Social insurance.

In the documentary “The uninsured” Erik Sandberg finds out why it has become so difficult to get support for a work injury, and why it is particularly difficult for employees in traditional female professions. We meet both those who has destroyed their body at work and those who are working with woekinjuries at the department at social insurance.