Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Burma – a new-born democracy. Laika co-produces Democracy Road.


Laika Film & Television enters as co-producer in a film about the Burmese transmission to democracy. The Norweigian filmmaker Turid Rogne has for more than ten years followed the exiled tv-channel Democratic Voice of Burma, (DVB). The station, based in Oslo, was an important channel of information during the 2007 prostest, the Saffron Revolution, when undercover videoreporterts covered the assaults by the regime towards monks and students. The images were distributed all around the world and affected strongly to the transmission to democracy.

In Turid Rogne’s new film; Democracy road, DVB’s editor in chief, Aye Chan Naing travels back to Burma together with the reporter Than Win Htut. Their goal is to establish a national, independent TV-channel. Through them we follow the election in 2015, a crucial test for the new-born democracy.

The film is edited by Laika’s William Johansson. The main producer is the Norwegian production company Aldeles A/S and the film will be released in October 2016.